is an association dedicated to help girls, women & excluded queer persons from underprivileged backgrounds through art and culture.

HOW :  With knowledge programs, art classes, workshops, formations and specific actions of support.

Shared & provided during short, medium or long term projects.


WHERE :  With members from all around the world, the association will act across countries,

according to the voted actions 

TEAM :  Mostly represented by women (producers, visual artists, collectives members & cultural actors) the base of Ars In Flore is composed of : Evis May (Russia) & Kashish Singh (India)

as President & Vice President. 

Barbara Garino as Secretary (France) and Jules Lecoq (France) as Treasurer.

All the participants of the V.A. will automatically see there adhesion fee & yearly

cotisation paid (for 2 years). They will be able to assist our bimonthly reunions to decide

how our budget should be used, and  exchange about the punctual operations & their field of action.  

All the V.A.'s track supporters will have their adhesion fee offered too. Members will have a consultative right concerning the budget allocation ,and will be able to propose projects too. We insist on the fact that any charity actions, financial supports to other NGOs or any kind of expenses will be listed & controlled by the treasury. Those reports can be sent at anytime if they're asked by other members. 

To finish, the communication team of Ars In Flore will keep track of our work at a global level, following up all the actions we've decided make through a monthly newsletter, sent to all those that are interested to get some news and feedback of their support here :