Dica's curiosity and his thirst of experimentation made him get interested into music very young. Completetly self-taught, he tries various instruments and started composing songs, Cold Wave, New wave and Psychedelic rock as inspiriation.

He then discovered the universe of rave parties, and fell in love with it. That's when he bought his very first groovebox and synthetisers and started to produce his first electronic-music tracks, making a blend between Psytrance, Techno, Tribe with a big dose of Acid basslines.


In 2014, he creates with a group of friends an artist collective called Mikrokosm, organising partys all over the west part of France, in concert halls, clubs, warehouses, fields, inviting various local artists but also international artists.


Since 2014, Dica played in hundreds of events, raves or festivals, sometimes on the same line up as big artists such as Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Thomas P heckmann, Hatikwa, Dusty Kid, Radium, Paul Ritch, Azax and many more...

Willing to keep an instinctive and a live approach of his music, DICA plays his music only with hardware drum machines and analog synthetisers. The music he plays is full of energy and old school techno vibrations, sometimes dark and melancholic, taking the dancefloor on a psychedelic ride into différent atmospheres, from the wildest to the most introspective.

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