Euyinn was born in 1991 in Buenos Aires. At the age of 5 she started interacting with art and music with her grandmother, playing the piano and later the guitar. In her adolescence she got familiar with electronic music, going through various genres such as minimal and electro, but she was fully captivated when she met Techno music.

At 25 years old she decided to start studying to create her own music in this genre, experimenting with Michel Lauriola as her teacher, between hipnotic sounds, then rave, acid, and industrial, always keeping strong bases and groove in the dancefloor, so much in producing and djing, which she started months later. 

She is influenced by artists such as Michel Lauriola, Thomas P. Heckmann, Kobosil, Karenn, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Dax J, DJ Rush, etc.
She was part of Assault Booking for more than 3 years and has played in Under Club, Cocoliche and more big clubs of Buenos Aires, sharing decks with Jacidorex, Marla Singer, Synthek, Moth, Pulse One, Michel Lauriola, Coqman, among other big names.

She has traveled twice to Colombia in 2018 and 2019, and played in many important clubs such as Mute Medellín, having also participated in first Medellín Music Week this year, and Assault Connection Festival in Buenos Aires.

She has been living in Europe since october of 2019, while she has had her first European tour with Fluctuat Records, playing in important clubs such as REX CLUB París, Suicide Circus Berlín, and many more around France, and later Spain.

This year she has participated in her first vinyl release, and much more is to come...

LABELS: Gomboc Records / Fluctuat Records / Techno Vinyl Records / Insane Industry / Sticky Ground /  Refluxed Records / Concepto Hipnotico / Aesir Records / Fabrik Records / Betanol Records / Induxtriall Records / ROOM. recs / Toxic Recordings /Survival Alliance Records.

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