Sebastian Guzman aka EZEGE is DJ / Producer of the new trends in electronic music. From a very young age, at 16 he became more interested in electronic music, listening to different genres, but according to his taste he was focusing more to the Techno. Always trying to show new sounds in his sessions where he always proposes dark and raw atmospheres, industrial percussion combining metallic sounds and very pronounced dishes, he has his own musical style where he mixes the environment with the mental without leaving behind the forcefulness of the current Techno. It highlights a broad Set created live in CD or Digital units becoming a really creative touch, energetic and dark atmospheres with select sounds created live. His debut is in a great list of parties includes DJs Internationals such as: Sunsica Barrisc (Insolate), Rebekah, Sam Paganini, Cari Lekebusch, Radio Slave, Joel Mull, Alex Bau, Bella Sarris, Exos, Valentino Emme, Michael Kunz, Joaquin Ruiz, Luis Flores (live) D.carbone, Epz, Isolated Lines, Devid Dega, Tripmastaz, Nsound, Miragliotta, Lucca, Luis Velez, George Ohara, and Nationals like: Aleja Sanchez, Juli Monsalve, Sonico, Cristian Reino , Minor Dott, David Noreña, Oscar Diez, Deraout, Al3xandria (live), Figueroa, Camilo Serna, Carlos Montes and many more. He has participated in different national and international events and proposed his proposal in Cali clubs as; Eliptica, The fabryka; The Club Room, Central Sound, Mynt, Cave and many more. Manager of Companies of Profession, Organizer of events, Businessman and Founder of the SGOffice brand, As Producer Innova with his AKKA EZEGE and Currently working in company with ABAD for the label Hypnotic Concept of [Argentina] where he is participating in a compiled V/A called [End of new year # End2018] with his track called "Impact" and will be next to Launch his first Ep of 4 Tracks. Start a new project with the Label Fluctuat Records where you will be next to release a two track EP and finally working constantly on an EP for the label "Default series" of medellin and Remixes de RAME and its release date is for the month of May 2019.

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