Emblematic duo of the techno culture renewal, Minimum Syndicat produces music that creates a bridge between two generations: the early days of acid house and Detroit techno and the one that flows from our days every weekend in the clubs of Berlin, Paris or Tbilisi.
The result is a hybrid sound, a transgenerational techno with sometimes cinematic accents regularly played by the most prominent international djs on stage, from Helena Hauff to I Hate Models, Blawan, Perc, Ancient methods, Umwelt or Paula Temple.
Minimum Syndicat’s live performances mix new technologies and analog synthesizers, stirring many references to the history of electronic music of the last three decades.
They are praised for their coherence and intensity, which has led the tandem to be invited in many European festivals and clubs, from Astropolis in Brest to Awakenings in the Netherlands (one of the biggest events of its kind in the world).
Members of Minimum Syndicat also run an eponymous label (vinyl and digital) to edit their own productions, as well as the works of other artists sharing their aesthetic.

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