Mirko Pallucca

Mirko Pallucca is a growing talent from Italy. DJ/Producer and Live Artist, his debuts with Fluctuat Records were definitely drawing attention of the international Techno scene. Mastered in a studio designed by the famous sound engineer Livio Argentini, his EP called ‘’Kaleidoscope’’ is supported by respected names such as Richie Hawtin / Luca Agnelli or D.A.V.E The Drummer !


As he likes to say, his love for music was born with himself in 1999, but his passion for music production began in 2016 with the desire to upset the world with original Techno creations. Ever since he was a child, he has always loved playing and performing live: He started with classical guitar, then he switched to drums and finally electric bass that he still loves to play.

In 2018, he successfully completed an Electronic Music production school in Rome called "FONDERIE SONORE", where he learnt how to design sounds, rhythms and textures with skills and technique!  

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