Parde Grilon

Argentine residing in Medellin. We can find a Parde Grilon with a very powerful, introspective and mental techno.

He is currently working with Trau-ma, NXT Recordings, HXGAM, Refluxed Records, Al3movement Record Lebel, Default Series, ALSS, Concepto Hipnotico y Vincent Rec.

Today. he tries to achieve a fusion between rhythms of heavy metal, jazz, looking for those modern percussions with aggressive distortions of today's techno.
That rich flavor leaves that taste of the past, and the adaptation to the present, to cohexistir in harmony with each of our states, both emotional and physical. Yesterday, today and always.

To this day, Parde Grilon shared a booth with Tensal, I Hate Models, Kobosil, Raffaele Attanasio, Michael Lauriola, Heiko Laux, Vince Watson, Matias Muten, Deraout, Gabriel Ferreira, Carlos Ruiz, Udolph, Bruno Ledesma, Djuma, Jonathan Guidi, Mariano Laffabrik, Brayan Valenzuela, Toxic Friend, Durcheinander, Andres Gil, Germano, Dario Molina, Sons of Hidden..

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