Juan Chavez aka VYN·1 was born in Lima, Peru , in mid of the nineties. His relation with electronic music began at the age of 15, after to go his first party. Since that time, he have a constinious contact with music, passing for all kind genders before to meet Techno. After to move to Buenos Aires, decide start to get into production, in 2018. As he says, his most importatn motivation to become in a Techno producer was to make a quality Techno scene in his city, and put his country on the map. For him is hard to define his style, but is clearly marked by the use of hard grooved percusions, dark basses and mental dirty sounds with some brushes of sci-fi. Important influences for his are artist like Oscar Mulero, Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Regis, Mike Parker, Underground Resistance and music styles like Afro-peruvian, Jazz or Thrash Metal. Also he is member of Real Techno Lima, a collective started in 2016 focus to make Techno scene in his city, who later this year will release the first Techno reference of his country, with names such FU-5, Pulso, Ascorbite, Alex Novikok & Owen to name a few.

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