Created by the French producer COQMAN in 2017, Fluctuat Records is Techno label born in Colombia in 2017.
It is also a network of passionated artists that are helping to each others. 
With a deep motivation to connect the two continents through arts, culture and TECHNO music of course !
The label is also supporting artists with their promotion process. Creating many collaborations,
 audio-visual projects, tours & events abroad.


''DYNASTY OF FREAKS''. Release 100% VINYL coming soon..

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 ONE MORE #LEGEND playing a wonderful acid banger !
HUGE RESPECT NINA KRAVIZ for taking time to support growing talents as you always did.

It means quite a lot to them, and make us even more proud and comfortable with our decision to release this track of our sistaz from Double Trouble on 1 of the 6 vinyls of this great year of 2021 !  Their EP will be remixed by two amazing producers that we cannot reveal at the moment. But you won't be disappointed.  And let's say that the word "HEAVY" is even too light to describe those names Also expect (even sooner) their participation for an amazing  charity steaming (in the best spot ever in Paris ) for the #internationalwomensday in early march. With producers & visual artists such as 𝗖𝗢𝗤𝗠𝗔𝗡

and our event team composed of #vj #lightartist #tattooartist #dancers, #shibari #performers #ironworker

#firemaster #sprayartist #muralist #graphers and many more #staytuned.

FLUCTUAT RECORDS is delighted to present the ZONA Ø ! 
The new V.A. of Unlocked_Bcn inlcuding amazing RAVE ANTHEMS
by our label boss COQMAN (ft. our future member : Evis May).
To back him up, his friend, colleague and musical partner, the spanish producer VENDEX !
(Also incl. Nico Moreno,  Charlie Sparks, CLTX, O.B.I., SWART, YA, 753, UNNAMED & 6EJOU)
We are proud to introduce you 2 powerful tracks released on a various artist full of meaning in this troubled era. 
A lot of feelings they both processed and transform to something vigorous that might make ravers dance
COQMAN produced "RAZUM" which means "MIND" in Russian, using Techno & DNB producer EVIS MAY vocals. 
A strong track which traduces all the frustration than one artists is feeling nowadays.
As huge, VENDEX comes with "HELL RIOTS", an acid tune which represents the furious disturbances 
we are leaving in nowadays.       





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